The Seal

Designed by our students in 2014, the seal of Newman College Ireland consists of a shield divided into four quadrants and the motto, Puritas et Veritas, both encircled by a green band inscripted with “Newman College Ireland” and the date of its founding.


In the top left is an open book on which is written Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. This is representative of the Sacred Scriptures as well as the college’s commitment to work in the light of Christ, the beginning and the end.

In the top right is the coat of arms of the Holy See, representing Christ’s gift of the keys to St. Peter. This portrays Newman College’s obedience to the Pope, the representative and guardian of the Church's unity, and the Magisterium of the Church. The open book and the papal coat of arms represent Scripture and Tradition.

In the bottom right is the coat of arms of St. John Henry Newman. It is understood to be a representation of the Trinity. The two hearts above as the Son and the Holy Spirit who outwardly and inwardly reveal the Father, the heart below, to us. It is also linked to the motto of Bl. Cardinal Newman, Cor ad cor loquitur, “heart speaks unto heart”.

In the final quadrant is the symbol of Ireland, the cláirseach, or Celtic harp. This represents the college’s dedication to the Irish people. Thus the four parts of this shield portray Newman College Ireland’s dedication to God, the Church, the Irish people, and the vision of Bl. Cardinal Newman.

The motto Puritas et Veritas“purity and truth”, comes from Newman’s own writings. A theme he often expressed was the Christian’s search for purity, both bodily and spiritually, as well as truth in all things. This motto was unanimously decided by our students.


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